Total Hiking Miles Described to Date = 51
Liberty Park to Detweiller Jetty

A 4.0 mile round trip out and back along the Illinois river. Packed with interesting things to see. Good for all ages.

Trail to Camp Wokanda

4.4 mile round trip out and back. 100% woodland trail. Many interesting bridge crossings.

Kinsey Park – Hike to I-74 overlook

3.2 mile hike on a dirt trail in a densely wooded Kinsey Park just to the South West of Peoria.

Dry Run – Oak Route in Detweiller

This 2.2 mile hiking trip takes you on the trails that run deep into Detweiller park.

Detweiller Riverside

A 1.5 mile hike with over a third of the hike along the Illinois River at is widest section.

Detweiller to Robinson on IL River Bluff Trail

A challenging 4.7 mile one-way hike though deep woods.

The 6 Park Loop

A rewarding 7.8 mile hike through parks and nature preserves in Peoria and Peoria Heights.

Singing Woods

4 mile loop hike entirely on woodland trail on a quiet nature preserve just north of Peoria and west of Chillicothe, IL

A Glen Oak Tour

2.5 mile loop through the upper and lower Glen Oak Park in Peoria, IL.

Rocky Glen

This 1.1 to 1.6 mile out and back in West Peoria area takes you through a box canyon once used for coal mining.

North Peoria Half Marathon Loop

A challenging 13+ mile loop through north Peoria. Connects Greenway Trail to River Bluff Trail.

North Bluff Trail at Spring Creek

A 1.9 loop hike through deep woods just minutes from Peoria