Detweiller Riverside


This 1.5 mile loop hike is all within the Detweiller Park former golf course which has been turned back to nature and is called Detweiller Riverside. The very unique feature of this hike is ability to get right along the Illinois river. You will hike along a rocky/sandy/grassy section of the Illinois River bank for over half a mile. The views of the river great as it is a mile wide in this portion of the river which known as Upper Peoria Lake. It is important to note that in places the riverbank is narrow, therefore if the Illinois river is above 13 feet at Peoria you will either have wet feet or need to avoid most of the river front portion. There is a link below to check the river stage. The hike is very flat and other than the riverfront portion it is very easy hike to do any time of the year.

  • Distance: 1.5 miles
  • Elevation gain/loss: +25ft / -25ft
  • Surface: mix of mowed grass, tall grass, and rocky riverbank.
  • Start location: Detweiller Riverside Park, 8412 N Galena Rd, Peoria, IL 61615

Turn by Turn Directions – Counterclockwise

mile 0.0 START Park in the first lot which is just across the railroad tracks as you enter Detweiller Riverside. Head south of the parking lot parallel to the railroad tracks. You should be heading towards an old open air maintenance shed and quonset hut. Continue to hike straight south parallel to railroad tracks. Note the bird houses along the way.

mile 0.3 turn left, heading towards the river in a broad sweeping turn along the mowed portions of the park.

mile 0.45 head to the top of an old putting green. It is on a small rise and is very close to the river. Look for a faint path down to the riverbank.

mile 0.5 turn left (north) when you reach the river bank.

mile 1.1 turn left following the riverbank up a more established trail that takes you to a small parking lot the serves an old marina. Look for the steel sculpture between the river and the parking lot.

mile 1.3 exit the parking lot to the left (south) along the frontage road.

mile 1.5 END – the frontage road will bring you back to the parking lot you started in.

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