North Peoria Half Marathon Loop


  • Length: 13.4 miles (I know, it’s 0.3 miles over a half marathon)
  • Elevation gain / loss: +1302 ft / – 1302ft
  • Surface: woodland trail, paved trail, & city sidewalks
  • Start/End Location: 1209 W Pioneer Parkway, Peoria IL. PPD Rock Island Greenway Trailhead

This route provides just over a “half marathon” 13.4 vs 13.1 miles worth of paved and woodland trail hiking. It is all on surfaces which are very good for trail running or hiking. The elevation gain and loss is almost exclusively in the Robinson Park, Illinois River Bluff Trail, and Detweiller Park trail sections which comprise one half (6.8 miles) of the route. The Rock Island Greenway (RIG)Trail along with bike paths and sidewalks through North Peoria connect you to Robinson Park off an access point in the 700 block of W Wrookforest Dr. From there you connect with Detweiller Park trails and then hike sections on lightly trafficked city streets to get back to the Peoria Greenway Trailhead. An advantage to this long loop is that there many good locations to start/end as it passes multiple public parking lots locations.

See by the mile route guide below.

Turn by Turn Directions – Clockwise

mile 0.0 – Start / End – This hike is described starting and ending at the PPD Rock Island Greenway Trailhead located just west of Connor Co. at 1209 W Pioneer Pkwy, Peoria, IL. At the parking lot you will head northbound on the trail. This is at mile 10.3 along the Rock Island Greenway (RIG) trail. There are several other good locations you could start/end this hike. These include: Timothy Cassidy Park, Robison Park off Mossville Rd, Green Valley Camp off of E Poplet Hollow Rd, and the parking lot for Dogwood and Pine shelters in Detweiller Park. If spacing out options for food/water/restroom amenities is a priority, then starting/ending at the parking for Robison Park along Mossville would give you access to a gas/convivence store stop at the halfway point.

mile 0.2 – Pass the 10.5 mile marker for the PPD Rock Island Greenway Trail. The Mt Hawley Airport is on your right for the next mile.

mile 1.4 – Pass under Rt 6 in a lighted pedestrian tunnel

mile 2.1 – Turn right off of the RIG Trail just before the wide tunnel under Allen Rd. Walk uphill on a very short sidewalk to reach Allen Road. Proceed north on a bike trail that parallels Allen Rd.

mile 2.4 – Proceed north passing through roundabout intersection of Allen Rd and W Alta Rd.

mile 2.8 – Turn right (NE) on a short diagonal path that cuts uphill to the path along Wilhelm road near the Northwood Community Church. Proceed east along the sidewalk along Wilhelm road.

mile 3.3 – Turn left onto N Northtrail Dr. Proceed about 2 block north.

mile 3.6 – Turn right into Timothy Cassidy Park accessing it from sidewalk that connects to N Northtrail Dr. Follow path around the lake in Timothy Cassidy Park in a clockwise direction for about 1/4 mile.

mile 3.8 – Head across the steel bridge in the park and follow the sidewalk between houses on your left and apartments on the right.

mile 4.0 – exit the sidewalk where it terminates at Hickory Grove Rd. Turn right (east) on Hickory Grove Rd.

mile 4.25 – Cross US 40 at the crosswalk on Hickory Grove Rd. There is a Circle K gas/convenience station for amenities. Proceed east on shoulder of Hickory Grove Rd.

mile 4.4 – Turn right on North Oakwood Dr

mile 4.6 – Turn left on W Brookforest Dr

mile 5.1 – Turn right into Robison Park using a Peoria Park District sidewalk near 714 W Brookforest Dr. There is a small (18 inch high) stone right of way marker with the letters PPD (Peoria Park District).

mile 5.2 – Turn right at the first trail intersection and proceed through the park following blue and white the River Bluff Trail markers.

mile 6.0 – Cross Mossville Road in the crosswalk connecting the two Robinson Park parking lots. Once across the road and in the south lot, there are two ways to follow the Illinois River Bluff trail. One trail is to the left (east) and is the more established, wide trail. A second route is on the right and heads west initially. It is less traveled and requires a little more careful navigation. Both trails intersect at a concrete bridge with chain-link railing.

mile 8.1 – Pass through small pedestrian tunnel under Route 6. While this tunnel is not lighted, it is much shorter than the PPD Rock Island Greenway Trail tunnel.

mile 9.8 – Enter Green Valley Camp. Follow the Illinois River Bluff Trail markers through this historic camp than is now part of the Peoria Park District. Notice the abandon remnants of a swimming pool, basketball court, and dining hall.

mile 10.9 – Cross Detweiller Drive road. Look for the Pimiteoui trailhead just across the road. Follow this trail downhill.

mile 11.2 – Enter the parking lot for Pine and Dogwood shelter in Detweiller park. Head to the Ridgetop trail head just past the Pine shelter.

mile 11.6 – Exit the trail onto the shoulder of Detweiller Dr. Turn left and head uphill on Detweiller drive. Bear to the right at the Y-intersection to leave the park. Hike along the left side of the road which has a wider shoulder for pedestrians.

mile 12.7 – Cross Knoxville Avenue (Rt 40). There is a gas/convenience station on your left.

mile 13.0 – Turn left on Hale avenue.

mile 13.1 – Pass Mt Hawley Bowling on left. You just completed a half marathon!

mile 13.3 – Turn right and hike through the OSF offices parking lot alone Knoxville Ave. Pass through Connor Co parking lot to enter the parking where you began.

mile 13.4 – End at the trailhead for the Rock Island Greenway (RIG) Trail

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