Kinsey Park – Hike to I-74


  • Length: 3.2 mile
  • Elevation gain/loss: 200 ft / 200 ft
  • Surface:
  • Trailhead location: 7999 W Southport Rd, Peoria, IL

This 3.2 mile hike is a hybrid out and back with some loops on a few of the mountain bike trails of Kinsey park. This park offers 8.5 miles of trail total. The limited elevation change makes it a modest yet interesting hike. The northmost trail (Wizard) goes all the way to the property boundary of the Interstate 74 state right of way. You will encounter more bikers than hikers on these trails. Stay alert (no ear buds), to the right and you should have no problems with trail sharing.

Turn by Turn Directions – (clockwise, one way)

mile 0.0 START- A dirt parking lot is located off Route 8 (W Southport Rd). If your coming from the east (from Peoria) watch for the parking lot turn 0.5 miles after you pass N. Heinz Ln. Begin your hike on Farm Road trail heading north out of the parking lot. All trails intersect this main spine trail known as Farm Road

mile 0.25 – Turn left onto Yellow Brick Road trail. This turn will be just past a collection of agriculture relics

mile 0.9 – Turn left onto Emerald Forest Trail

mile 1.3 – Turn left onto Farm Road trail. You will pass by a bike repair station with picnic table

mile 1.7 – You will come to a terminus of Farm Road with a rest area and picnic table. Proceed north onto the Wizard trail

mile 1.84 – The trail come to a fenced boundary of the I-74 right of way. You will clearly see the interstate highway from this vantage point. Return the way you came to the Farm Road trail terminus

mile 1.96 – Head south on the Lions & Tigers & Bears trail

mile 2.4 – Turn left onto Farm Road trail. Follow P markings back to Parking lot on this trail

mile 3.2 – FINISH – Parking lot

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